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Trust your lawnmower blades, industrial tools, and saws to the experts at A-1 Precision Sharpening in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We are your source for outstanding sharpening services that meet and exceed your highest expectations. Contact us today to find out how you can send in your chainsaws, lawnmower blades, or tools.

Precision Sharpening

Sharper Carbide Saws

Carbide saws are designed to last a long time, but a dull blade could cause damage. That's where A-1 Precision Sharpening comes in. Once your carbide saw starts to show signs of age, we renovate the blade for a longer life of usage. 

Industrial Tooling Services
At A-1 Precision Sharpening, we make sure your tooling is repaired and sharpened as soon as possible to keep your business schedule on track. Turnaround times depend on the nature of the job, but we guarantee a pickup date when you drop off or send in your tools. Sharpening is available for industrial tooling such as:

• End Mills • Drill Bits • Milling Cutters • Customized Tools

Homeowner Sharpening Expertise

Are your lawnmower blades, hunting knives, or tools looking a bit worse for wear? In addition to offering services to commercial clients, A-1 Precision Sharpening also specializes in homeowner sharpening services. From garden tools to landscaping equipment, we make sure your products are sharp enough to cut through whatever you need.

Services are available for:

•  Knives & Scissors •  Lawnmower Blades • Chainsaw & Band Saw Blades • Gardening Tools


Make the right choice on your sharpening services by calling us today at (888) 478-3661
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